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I am honored & privileged to be aligned with my Divine Assignment to assist my fellow

Sister-Goddesses in their awakening and to help them create lives of harmony, abundance & joy.  It is my pleasure to be among those committed to help elevate the collective consciousness and shift the world into a reality of peace and oneness.  It is my mission to work to create Peace On Earth by empowering and helping to heal one life at a time. 

At Eve Rising Healing & Wellness, my private practice located in Derry, NH I offer energy and sound healing services where I specialize in Chakra medicine using an array of modalities such as Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Crystal Bowl Sound Baths.  I also host small group workshops and events like monthly Luna Gatherings & Sisterhood Circles, Full & New Moon events, Meditation hours, group healing, community nights, and more.

 A Personal Transformation Coach and a Universal (non-denominational) Minister & Spiritual Teacher, I coach, teach & guide my clients & students in a personal journey to their higher selves and their best lives.  Learn more about coaching and guidance and the healing services I offer here.

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Blessings in Abundance & Peace On Earth,


“Elle Gallo is tapped into a vast universe filled with love, truth, wisdom, and wonderment. She is someone

that makes you feel embraced and supported in an instant! The knowledge, experience, and insights Elle

offers is deeply rooted in helping people discover who they truly are and what they really want in this lifetime.  Her energy is lively, uplifting, and filled with gratitude, you will be naturally motivated by her spirit and excited to begin a wonderful and beautiful journey towards your dreams and spiritual growth!”    ~Christina


"Elle has a way of knowing exactly what I’m feeling and offering advice through her vast knowledge of spirituality,  organic healing vessels and treatments and the ability to tell one the truth, in the most gentle of ways,  giving you

the ability to view that particular situation in question as if you’re outside looking in - guiding you towards a clearer view that may help lift the burden you may inadvertently place upon yourself.  With her help and the tools she has shared I have grown to find out  “who I truly am” and to not rely on the eyes of others.   Her tools are invaluable, her friendship just as priceless- I am forever grateful to Elle for coaching me into a more comfortable skin!"~Theresa​

"Last night, I walked in to the most peace filled space. And I had an incredible experience. Thank you  for clearing the clutter from my head. I'm already looking forward to my next visit."~Kirsten

"One cannot describe how you help them in a couple sentences ....because you wear so many hats filled with knowledge ... and you are forever tipping those hats - selflessly spilling that wisdom for others to heal" ~Terri

"Elle is a  Soul Whisperer"~ Linda

"I already know who you really are and what you are capable of.  The joy for me is watching you

dis-cover her!" 


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