“I talk to God-A Lot.”

I doodled those words in my Divine Dialogue Journal during a contemplative moment.

Tell them. He said.

That was 3 years ago and He’s repeated those words over and over and over again ever since. The truth is I’ve been talking to Him

since I was a teenager and although I often recognized His undeniable answers to my prayers, I didn’t start actually hearing

His voice in response until I was in my early 30’s. I’ve been documenting our correspondence for about 16 years and nowadays we’re in almost constant communication-and when I say “almost constant”, any down time is due to my lack of attention, certainly not His.

Let’s just say that He’s always been there when I’ve turned to Him and today I’ve learned to turn to Him “almost” continuously.

It’s time for a global awakening, a major shift in our collective consciousness. That will only be achieved when the scales tip, and the scales will tip when there is one more person truly ALIVE than there is asleep. When you know this truth, I mean really KNOW it, you can’t simply sit and pray for world peace any more-at least I couldn’t. I asked if there was anything-besides my personal work-that I could do to help tip the scales. And again, with that beautiful smile I’ve come to know in His voice, he replied: “Tell them.”

October 1, 2019

The first "Luna Gathering, Living By the Light of the Moon" group came together Saturday night for a New Moon event.  September’s New Moon came in under Libra and so aligning with the planetary energy we focused this month on Relationships.

We t...

Ahhh, Mabon; the Autumn Equinox.  As the sun sits directly above the equator and day and night are perfectly equal, we notice a sense of balance or peacefulness.  We experience this balance four times a year, but today, the Autumn Equinox, or Mabon, we also sense relie...

September 13, 2019

Hello my Dear Goddess!

I’m soooo relieved & happy that the fall is arriving.  This is the time for healing, for introspection, for knowledge, for clearing the old and planning for the new.  Oh, how I love the mystical feeling of this season and the practical aspects of...

I’ve been way under water lately.  For a while I let my self feel beaten up, and just beaten by my circumstances.  I let my feelings determine my thoughts.

I’m so tired. 

I can’t get anything done. 

I’m overwhelmed. 

Everything is so heavy. 

I don’t feel good. 

I f...

August 13, 2019

Experts estimate that the average person has between 50,000-80,000 thoughts per day.  Say what??    No wonder we’re mentally exhausted!  And no wonder we tune most of them out!  I mean, you don’t actually notice all these thoughts, do you?  We’re thinking unconsciously...

I started my camping trip on Saturday, June 2nd.  I was filled with fears and challenges for a bit, and those are stories for another day.

By Thursday I’d arrived. My body, mind & spirit were all with me, finally, balanced and present in this place. I’d assimilated to...

June 19, 2019

Full Strawberry Moon Ceremony, June 2019

There are so many ways to celebrate a full moon and to tap into the energy offered by our Universe in a ceremonial way. This month I cleansed my crystals and set them outside to re-energize with the moon and Jupiter’s influence a...

June 12, 2019

One thing I know for sure:  It's your choice.  

You don't HAVE to do anything....I mean ANY. THING.  

Once you truly download that and know it, like you know, it like you know it; you will begin to change.  Every thing will begin to change.  

We all have CONSTAN...

March 22, 2019

This morning I was in rapid work mode.  I’m one of those all or nothing types.  I’m fast and furious or I’m stopped.  When I’m producing, I produce until I I’m bleary eyed, my brain is mush and my back is screaming, but when I’m stopped it takes an act of God (like, re...

February 14, 2019

Love it ALL.  Every bit of it.  The mundane, the tedious, the responsibilities, the interruptions, the interactions, the people, the places, the experiences, the feelings-every single last thing.  It’s all a gift.  Unwrap it with joyful anticipation.  This is your life...

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