"Bring To Me and Leave With Me Your Problems"

January 27, 2019

There is nothing more awesome than witnessing God at work in your life.  To have your prayer answered in a way that you know that you know that you KNOW you were heard and responded to is the ultimate validation that you are not alone in there!  When we bring to God and leave with God our problems He will move mountains to show you His love for us.  All that is required is that you bring your concern to His table and once you’ve told Him all about it, you must LEAVE THE PROBLEM THERE, in HIS Mighty Hands.  That means that you don’t “take it back” by worrying about it, by calculating, or by continuing to try to find a solution on your own.  When you do this, you have literally removed it from Him and in essence you’ve told Him that you don’t trust Him to solve it.  It can be difficult to stop thinking about something that is troubling you, so when you find your self taking your worry back from God, acknowledge it and hand it right back over to Him.  He is very patient and understanding.  He’s happy to take it off of your shoulders as many times as you need to ask.  And OH the WONDER of it when He solves it in such a way that only He could have!  Expect Miracles!


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