About Eve Rising Healing Studio


This is a private practice in my home in Derry, NH.  The space transforms easily and beautifully between private healing and/or coaching sessions and small group events, classes and workshops.  It is a small space and seating is always limited and varied depending on the type of event being held. Because of this we have to be creative and have instituted some policies I’d like you to be aware of before you sign up for a class or make an appointment. 




Private Sessions:  Appointments for any given month can be made starting usually 7 days before that month begins.  I have limited availability and the schedule fills quickly.  It’s nearly impossible to fill a cancelled appointment even though there is usually a waitlist because my hours are so limited and generally require planning on the part of my clients.  For this reason, I ask for a $10 non-refundable appointment retainer for “The Ultimate Healing” and 

a $40 appointment retainer (which is deducted from the total cost, of course; and of which 1/2 half is refundable by request if you must cancel) for the ½ Day Healing Retreat.

Group Events:  Events and classes almost always have a waitlist. To ensure we have enough space for all attendees, online sign-ups are required and we cannot accommodate “drop-ins".  If you are able to sign up online, there is space available.  Our online system stops accepting sign ups when the class limit has been reached, so if you’re curious the day of an event, just try to sign up! Although many of our events costs are: “Give What You Feel”, a nominal and non-refundable preregistration fee for some classes and events is requested.



Private Sessions:  Please be on time, but not early.  Because this is my home sometimes there are several moving parts in preparation for your visit.

Group Events:  Varies.  Most of the time “Doors Open” in advance of an event but best to check the individual event for details.  If it doesn’t give a “Doors Open” time, please arrive at designated event time.



Private Sessions: Park in the front driveway either next to or behind my car, a white Lexus 350.

Group Events:  There are two driveways.  Use the front driveway and pull all the way up if you’re first so that 4 cars can fit.  The second driveway is around the corner on Edgewood.  There’s a camper in the driveway so you’ll know it’s ours.  Three cars can fit there.  If you need to park on street, use Edgewood Drive and use the side of the street that my home is on). Please do not park Bradford Street. And of course, be courteous to our neighbor’s yards and driveways.


The Queen of the House:

We are home to Trixie, a small Pomeranian Diva who rules the roost.  She will greet you (usually outside) with lots of loud hellos and a little jumping.  She is friendly and loving, but can be a bit of a loudmouth upon our friend’s arrivals.  If you are allergic to dogs, The Healing Studio unfortunately won’t be a good fit for you.   

You may use Venmo or Paypal to reserve your private appointment or make a donation any time.  To register for a class or a group event please go here.


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