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On 4/4/20 we participated in a mass meditation to heal the world.   Let us continue the effort to heal the world and ourselves through the gift and tool of personal meditation and mass meditations.  

Mass Meditation has proven to be incredibly effective.  I encourage all Eve Rising readers to participate in mass meditations every Sunday as part of the larger Unity Mass Meditation Movement.  (not affiliated with Unity church). #sundayunitymeditations

Here are some of my favorite guided meditations

Chit Shakti Meditations by Sadhguru

A personal favorite, I do Chit Shakti Meditations 2x per day.  Power to Create (Chit Shakti) is an offering that enables each one of us to become our own alchemist, that empowers us to transform long cherished desires into reality.  Everything that human beings have created on this planet was essentially first created in the mindscape. So how we organize and focus our minds will decide the direction our life flows.  Using the power of the mind to create what one wants in life is called Chit Shakti.

Create Inner Peace

Create Success

Create Health

Create Love

Isha Kriya Morning & Evening Meditation

Do this practice 2x per day for 48 days or 1x per day for 90 days for a complete reorganization of your body's energy.

Christ Light Expansion: Ascension Path Guided Activation with Sandra Walter

This meditation amplifies and massively expands your personal energy

field and connects you with your higher self, the ascended beings, galactic beings, galactic sun and cosmic central sun.


Global Healing & Ascension. 

Details and Instruction Here.

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