Welcome!!  Thank you so much for being here!

I'm Elle (pronounced "L").  My full name is Ellen but only my husband and immediate family call me that.  I was a singer and a songwriter and "Elle" was my stage name.  It stuck!  I'll get the quick facts outta the way:  I just turned 48 this week (January, 2019).  I've been married to Joe for 24 years and we have a 19 year old daughter and 17 and 15 year old sons.  We recently located to Southern NH. 


I live a life of miracles.  I've been tested, challenged, messed it all up, hit rock bottom in many areas, more than once. But God has been so, so good.  I've struggled with sharing Channeling Jesus (a title, by the way which He chose, NOT me-and boy did I resist that one!) publicly for one reason and one reason only: my big ole healthy ego.  I ask for just a moment to explain that a bit further as the ego is pretty tricky so there are a couple of things I want to address:

First, my ego struggles to share this because I don’t want to be associated with what many people think when they think of “Christianity”. Stay with me for a minute here. Jesus’ name has been terribly abused and misused and He has been grossly misrepresented, by no fault of His own, of course. Millions promote judgement, separation, hatred, inequality and self-righteousness while calling Jesus their leader and denouncing-heck, banishing to hell-anyone who doesn’t believe and live as they do. Now please, don’t misunderstand me. There are clearly many who follow the teachings of Jesus and live a life of service, unity, peace, acceptance and oneness with all-they just don’t get news coverage. Perhaps it’s time for this latter group to come forward to in part clear up the misconceptions associated with His Holy Name.

The second reason my ego struggles with it is because I’m afraid of what people will say about me! I want to be completely transparent.  I didn't want to announce publicly that it was Jesus talks to me.   In the beginning I didn't even know it was Jesus.  For many years I thought I was hearing from the Source of the Universe, of God-and somehow I never took issue with saying that out loud!  It took me a long time to trust what I was being told, and to discern which voice was Jesus', as I've heard from others at different times too.  But I the longer I denied Jesus' answer to me (to tell our story, to "tell them") I began to realize that I was behaving as Peter did toward Him "you will disown Me three times", and honestly that scared me, because although He always tells me that He will never leave me, I surely wasn't willing to take that kind of a risk.  


 I was resistant to using His name because I was afraid of what would be said of me, as I've questioned myself in the same self deprecating way on many occasions: Who do you think you are? Really? YOU? Why in the world would The King of Peace talk to you? Blasphemy. Crazy. Freak. Egomaniac. Delusional! I certainly don’t consider myself any more special than anyone else! I know that anyone can, and many do have this kind of dialogue with Jesus. He drew near to me simply because I drew nearer and nearer to Him; by continuously seeking his advice and help, through becoming aware of His answers and grateful for them, and by listening to Him and applying the principles and lessons He so graciously shared with me into my daily life.  He is the Miracle that is my life.  Truthfully, I’d prefer to keep this perfect, miraculous relationship as my personal and sacred secret-or at least between me and my innermost circle so as not to attract any negativity to my life. I very deliberately protect my space and the energy I allow into what I consider a fairy-tale life. But as Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev says “Being spiritual doesn’t mean having a nice, quiet life-it means being on fire!” What?! Did you expect me to tell you that Jesus is the only way to God, and that Christianity is the only way to heaven?! Not so. He told me Himself.


I’ve studied the world’s major religions, many mystics and so many of the wonderful spiritual teachers of our time. If you are a student of life and the Universe as I am, I don’t expect you’ll necessarily learn anything completely earth shattering or paradigm shifting here. There’s really nothing new under the sun. But I will share my authentic magical personal stories, our dialogues containing some of my candid questions and Jesus’ responses about Him, God, (and how to find them), The universe and the way things work, you and your power, your role in the world, and an array of better-human-living lessons and practical tips that I’ve learned from Him during our 16 year conversation.  One thing I'd like you to take note of as you read these blogs:  When you see things written in this font, they are Jesus' actual words.  In any photos of my handwritten Divine Dialogue journal (which I strongly urge you to create, too!), Jesus words will either have quotations around them, or will be indicated as "G:".

Stay tuned for so much more than this-He has a very big plan.  I'm just saying "yes" and  We are just getting started here!  

Thanks so much for reading and for being here!  We hope you'll stick around, it's going to be quite a journey-for all of us-promise.  

May this help you to deepen your Faith and come alive in the Truth of Who You Really Are.

My Sincere Gratitude and Many Blessings of Love & Light,


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