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4 Week Series:

May 1, 15, 22, 29

Please be certain that you can commit to all 4 sessions before registering.  Thank you! 

You are beautiful.  You are worthy.  You are powerful beyond your imagination.


Awaken the TRUTH within.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience.  You are a Goddess, the Divine expressed in the physical world.

Deepen your Relationship to this Higher Power,  God,

to the Great I AM Life Force Energy.

You are in control.  You are the main character in your story, directing your own reality and you can write the script.

Manifest what you want to experience


Dear Friends,

I live a truly charmed life.  Hardly a day passes without what I like to call an “Everyday Miracle”.  My days are filled with grace, I’m in almost constant contact with the one I refer to as God (you may refer to this energy with a different name-same Source), I handle life’s challenges with ease and clarity and I’m filled with and surrounded by mutual, total and unconditional love & acceptance from those I’m blessed to walk with in this life. 


It wasn’t always this way, though.


I used to battle Major Severe Depression & Fibromyalgia.  I was a financial disaster with three children and negative bank accounts and tens of thousands in debt, I struggled with my own personal demons of self-loathing and self-sabotage and a badly suffering marriage.  Even my kids hated me for a while, and I couldn’t blame them.  I hated me.  I hated the way my life was playing out…it was out of control, and so was I.   


Since my first Spiritual Awakening almost 20 years ago I’ve been a dedicated student of the magical stuff of life:  Quantum Physics, Laws of the Universe, World Religions, Mysticism, Philosophy, New Thought models.  I’ve studied the Great Masters who’ve come before us as well as most of the Great Minds and Teachers of today.  I have learned through trial and error, application and consistency what works, and what doesn’t.  And I’d love to share with you the Wisdom, Gratitude, and Joy I’ve discovered in my journey to Living A Light Filled Life. 


I believe that we rise by lifting others.  I believe that humanity is in desperate need of a shift in consciousness if we are to evolve as a species.  I don’t claim to know it all, and I don’t claim to have “discovered” most of what I’ll share with you on my own.  There’s nothing new under the sun and no shortage of enlightened teachers to learn from.  But I have been called to share my Light in the form of my story, my lessons, and my practices, my Self.   


If you are interested in learning how to fill your life with Light, please join me at Bella Salon & Spa for this Women’s Circle & Workshop Series on Wednesday nights in May.   I know from experience that a balanced approach to personal growth is the most effective and fastest way to personal expansion so we will simultaneously ignite our body, mind and spirit in the course of this women's workshop.  You will start to reprogram the three aspects of your whole human condition with physical, spiritual and mental practices to encourage your evolution and step into your next highest level of Self.  

It is my deepest intention and prayer that this serve to be a blessing to YOU and your life experience.                                                                    


 With Love & Light,   


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