What's the Benefit?

Along with exclusive benefits like free pop-up meditation or crystal singing bowl gatherings & surprise thank you gifts,

members of the Eve Rising Sisterhood receive:

  • 20% off Healing Services 

  • 20% off Private Coaching Programs

  • 20% off workshops, series, classes and events

  • 5% off shopping in Spirit Essentials, Eve Rising's online Spiritual & Metaphysical Gift Boutique and Bookstore

  • Discounts at participating Wellness Centers where Elle teaches or provides services

  • Advance notice and early registration for all classes and events

  • You'll even receive an official membership ID card

  • Weekly inspiration/lessons intended to help you raise your vibration and master the art of Living a Light Filled Life

  • Members only monthly webinar or teleconference   


What's the Purpose?

I have some students who sign up for almost every class I offer, and they also are clients in the Healing Studio.   I know (based on years of personal study and experience!) that body/mind/spirit wellness can carry a hefty price tag. I want to create a community of seekers who can study with me and participate in every experience they feel will assist with their awakening.  I am committed to making High Consciousness Living affordable and available for all.   Your contribution to a membership helps me to purchase materials for classes in advance, as well as invest in improvements in the studio (next on the list is a private entrance to the studio!) that will make your experience here even better.  

What's the cost?

2020 Membership:

  • $20 a month on a automatic payment

or a 1 time payment of:

  • $100 for a 6 month membership (and a free entry to a group crystal bowl healing/meditation event at Eve Rising Healing Room!)

  • $180 for a 1 year membership (this package also comes with one 90 minute Ultimate Healing Session!)  

If interested, click the cheesy "Buy Now" button at the bottom or send me an email!

Please note, that the member benefits applies to everything that happens at Eve Rising Healing Studio.   If I am hosting events and sessions at someone else's studio I will definitely do my best to make sure you get a discounted rate, but I cannot make any guarantees on what those discounts will be.  We will cross that bridge together, you know that I'll always take care of my tribe.  

Thank you for considering becoming an official member of the Eve Rising Sisterhood Tribe!

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