Healing Services, Coaching Programs,

Workshops & Special Events

Mission: To assist in raising the vibration of the collective consciousness creating Peace On Earth by helping to heal, inspire, teach and empower others to remember their Truth, discover their Power, step into their Divine Assignment & fulfill their Purpose. 


I am committed to this mission and offer many private healing and group events regardless of one's ability to pay.  If a definitive cost is associated with an event or service it will be noted in BOLD numbers with a dollar sign.

Example:  Cost: $30 

"LMV" stands for Local Market Value which is simply an indicator of what others in the area with similar credentials charge for a similar service, for those who find that helpful.  I will gratefully accept any donation you make in kindness for that service or event no matter what the amount. 

Example:  LMV  10-20

If there are no indications listed it's a community service event and meant to be free, fun & helpful.

If there is a class or service you are interested in that has a definitive cost associated and you have a financial hardship, please email me privately to discuss. 


Finally, preregistration is required for all events because space is so limited and some events, as well as healing services do require a nominal non-refundable booking fee. Read our policies here.  Online registration opens online the first day of every month.  Please be conscientious of your commitment  and text me in advance if you cannot attend an event that you have signed up for as there is always a waitlist.  Thank you for being considerate.


The Ultimate Healing

Using a combination of several healing methods including Holy Fire Reiki, Crystals, Essential Oils and Crystal Sound Bowls this session will open, cleanse & balance your Chakra Energy System one by one; releasing physical, emotional and mental energy blockages and allowing your chi to move freely through your physical body and your auric field; healing, nourishing and energizing your whole being.  Gently pleasing to all 5 senses this unique protocol stimulates each of the in-body 7 chakras and the body parts managed by them. Healing Session will feel like a reawakening !   You will be aligned and connected to your inner knowing, receive new insights about your life and a deep sense of inner peace. 

My clients have reported

  • feeling as though their body and mind are fully connected for the first time,

  • experiencing the spontaneous energetic release of physical pain and dis-ease,

  • visitations from angelic & higher beings, 

  • receiving answers to important personal questions, and

  • a deep feeling of overall calm & peace. 

1-2hours  LMV:  65-120  "Give What You Feel"

$10.00 appt retainer required (read Our Policies)

Text Elle for an appointment

Email Elle for an appointment


Sacred Life Half Day Healing Retreat  (4-5 hours)

Arrive at 9:30 or 10am.   You will receive an advanced Reiki treatment combined with a Chakra Sound Healing with Crystal Sound Bowls.  You will receive a *Personal Chakra Assessment report and instruction for better energetic health based on these findings.   After a confidential & therapeutic conversation where you are invited to safely share whatever is on your mind, we will develop a *Personal Spiritual Prescription based on the Laws of The Universe, the Steps to Success, and The Keys to Living a Light Filled Life.  You will have a concrete plan of action to help you change, grow, and accomplish what you want for your life.  

You will also: 

  •  spend time in silent personal reflection journaling

  • relax in the indoor hot tub with a guided meditation recording  

  • receive a complete Chakra Healing Kit from Eve Rising's Exclusive Chakra Collection

Special Introductory Cost through April :  $175 

$40 appt retainer required (read our policies)

Text Elle for an appointment

Email Elle for an appointment











Life Mastery with Elle

Personal Coaching & Spiritual Counseling

By definition a personal coach is one who encourages you to grow from where you are now, and a counselor is one who offers personal guidance.  My mission is to help you elevate your consciousness, raise your vibration, and establish a healthy & powerful internal environment from which all your external experiences flow.  I serve as both a spiritual counselor & life coach with the goal of helping you achieve

Life Mastery:

the skill & art of creating your personal Heaven on Earth.

Are you sick & tired of being sick and tired?  Do you want to make the internal changes necessary to create a life that you love to live?  Are you ready to commit to self-study and self-love?  Do you want to feel more peaceful? Know, I mean, really KNOW your own personal power?  Create more stability or success? Live healthier? Create balance?  Or simply need help mapping our your 5 year plan? How about manifesting miracles? (<-that one is my favorite!)

No matter what your current situation, what your past experience has been or what your future goals are, I'm here to help.  If you're ready to break the cycle of negative thinking, explore the depths of your inner Truth & personal guidance system, create a sacred daily practice to strengthen your connection to the Great I AM, or set your dreams in motion with the support of a Master Planner, Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor, I'm here to inspire you into a whole new way of being.  I will help you chart your course and stay on track while offering you the tools to heal your thinking, connect with a deeper meaning & purpose, and become the one who attracts the life you want.  With my guidance and your effort, you will Know and Grow your self from the inside out and the outside in, simultaneously.

How can I help you?

Real change takes dedication, commitment, time & practice.  If I feel I can be of genuine service to you,  I will offer a program based on your situation, needs, & desires.  My coaching practice is limited to a maximum of 4 clients per month, ensuring that each individual get the time, care and attention necessary for true personal transformation.  

Note: Personal Coaching is usually done over the phone, and cost varies.

Call, text or email me to schedule a (free) consultation by phone.




ATTN:  Events & Classes for March are cancelled.  #socialdistancingforcommunitysafety


NEW!! Mondays 8-8:40pm:  NO EVENT 2/24

Messages & Miracles

WEEKLY- Monday Night Video Chat!  A weekly discussion group to raise our awareness of God's workings in our lives! 

Details here:  Messages & Miracles

15  Saturday  6-9pm  Community Night  

Prayer/Energy Circle & guided meditation followed by potluck and Movie: Ram Dass,  "Becoming Nobody".  Bring Your Own Beverage and a snack/dish to share (no nuts please).  Limit 6 guests.

      Sign up here:  Community Night February


17  Monday 10:30-11:30am  Morning Meditation 

Chit Shakti w/Sadguru for Success and Ho’oponopono Chakra Blessing.  Limit 4 guests. 

SD 10-15

Sign up here:  Mid-Month Monday Meditation

March: (Registration is NOW OPEN)

Mondays (except March 9) Messages & Miracles 8pm

WEEKLY- Monday Night Video Chat!  A weekly discussion group to raise our awareness of God's workings in our lives! NO EVENT 3/9

9  Monday 7-8:30pm Full Moon Release & Chakra                                Clearing             LMV 20-40

14 Saturday 6-8pm  Chakra Wellness w/ Crystal Singing Bowls  **At The Hidden Studio, Londonderry, NH**  (pls email me if attending this event)                                         $40

29-Last Sundays Soul & Spirit Celebration  10:30-12:00. An All-Denominational Sunday Service Gathering 

29-The Chakra Intensive Program begins!  A series of 8 workshops scheduled one Sunday per month.  We will focus our attention on one chakra per month.  More Details soon. 2:00


Exploring Religions Series is coming soon!  One evening per month a representative from a different religion/spiritual philosophy will come to offer some insight, history and knowledge.  More Details soon. 


Did You Know:

Elle makes house calls?

-personal healing 

-group Chakra Wellness w/Crystal Sound Bowls

Elle is an ordained minister? 

She can perform weddings, celebration of life ceremonies, Coming Out Ceremonies, New Life Ceremonies

Elle does remote healing?

She does Long Distance Reiki on others 5 nights a week at no cost?

Email Elle to be added to her Remote Healing List

Client Testimonials:  Personal Coaching &  Spiritual Guidance 

"Elle has a way of knowing exactly what I’m feeling and offering advice through her vast knowledge of spirituality,  organic healing vessels and treatments and the ability to tell one the truth, in the most gentle of ways,  giving you the ability to view that particular situation in question as if you’re outside looking in - guiding you towards a clearer view that may help lift the burden you may inadvertently place upon yourself.  With her help and the tools she has shared I have grown to find out  “who I truly am” and to not rely on the eyes of others.   Her tools are invaluable...priceless.   I am forever grateful to Elle for coaching me into a more comfortable skin!"

"I've released more of my deep, inner 'junk' with you in 4 weeks than I ever did in years of weekly therapy"

"One cannot describe how you help them in a couple sentences because you wear so many hats filled with knowledge

and you are forever tipping those hats,  selflessly spilling that wisdom for others to heal"

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