Study Group

I'd like to invite you to join me in the study of the 3rd volume of the Telos series: Protocols of the 5th Dimension by Aurelia Louise Jones.

Listen to the Introduction

read by Elle

Chapter 1, Step 1

Chapter 1, steps 2-4

This one is for those who are "in the know", the "Goddess Warriors" who have already begun suiting up for this major shift in consciousness-or for those who are truly ready to get down to business.  

This offering is not a class, and not for the slightly curious.  If you ARE slightly curious, please buy the book!  I'm looking for the doers to study this, put the protocols in action and share the results.  

If you are ready to really explore 5th dimension consciousness, email me here and we can coordinate our schedules for a weekly online meeting time.   I'd like to start this group NEXT WEEK.  Time is of the essence.  

And It's time!  

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