April 5-April 12

Sunday April 4th

7:30pm  Heal The World- Live Group Meditation   Live on Facebook












Monday April 5th & Thursday April 8th

11:00 am  Lessons In Conscious Living   Weekly lessons and conversation with Elle Gallo

This weeks Topic:  How to RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY to attract goodness in your life.

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Donations Accepted: paypal.me/EveRisingLLC


Wednesday April 7th










 6:30-7:30   Sound Healing For The Soul  1 hr sound bath Live on Facebook with Lisa Kawski

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Join the Eventhttps://www.facebook.com/creativenorthshore 

Donations Accepted: paypal.me/soundhealingforsoul


Thursday April 8th

11:00 Lessons In Conscious Living with Elle Part II (see Monday for details)

6:30 Heal The World  Live Group Meditation   Live meditation on Facebook


Friday April 9th

4:00-5:00  Healing the Universal Soul Gathering    Message, Meditation, & Music

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Here are some other great RAISE YOUR VIBE resources for you this week:























****Eve Rising Healing, Wellness & Wisdom is proud & honored to be working with Teachers of Body/Mind/Spirituality to offer you FREE, Donation-Based Online Resources, classes & workshop series that will help you Raise Your Vibe & grow ans stay strong in these uncertain times.   Eve Rising gratefully accepts love offerings at paypal.me/EveRisingLLC***

9:00pm join a BEAUTIFUL ceremony in Lighting the way to healing and global health.  Lighting Up For The Nation

4:00 Solutions & Solidarity with Jackie Woodside

Join the event:  https://zoom.us/j/8653240326

inner engineering online.JPG

Sadghuru's course Inner Engineering is currently being offered for FREE to all healthcare workers and 1/2 price to all people!


Get Jackie Woodside's new E-Book,

56 Life Hacks for an Amazing Life-for FREE!  

Elle Gallo is gathering those students & friends interested in a deeper study of the 5th Dimension for a study group.  Book:  Protocols of The 5th Dimension

Check out this trailer of my friend Denise DeSimone's new inspiring film, her personal story of miraculous healing: "From Stage IV to Center Stage".  It is available for now for a donation of $12 through Venmo : @denise-desimone-1      PayPal use :Denise@DeniseDeSimone.com

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