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"There are only two ways to live your life. One is a though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as though everything is a miracle."

July 21, 2018

The sun was setting on Lake Sebago. Joe and I were the first to arrive at the main house (and I do mean main-not Maine- although that is where Lake Sebago is). The party would start tomorrow and we wanted to help our generous and gracious host prepare for the big weekend. This was the second year we were invited to the summer bash and we were more than happy to be the "set up crew". I was enjoying the quiet serenity of the lake and snapping photos while Joe was out front grilling our dinner at his tailgate. I was happy that I didn't have an internet connection because it would prohibit me from posting a gazzilion pics to FB over the next 5 days. I was starting to actually feel a bit-I don't know, guilty, maybe (?) about my FB posts. I mean, my life is fucking AH-MAZING. And I don't want folks to think, well, whatever folks might think. I don't know....I'm sure you get where that's going. Anyhow, that's what goes through my head at the speed of light while I'm breathing in the peacefulness of the Sebago sunset. I'm thinking "I JUST got back from a week on the Cape, and I posted a lot of pictures, I just celebrated a 30lb weight loss, and I posted a lot of pictures, a month or so ago I was in San Fransisco and Oregon-again, pictures. Next week I'll be on Long Beach in Gloucester with my Fabulous & Powerful 4 (wait 'til I tell you THAT story!) and I'll probably post a lot of pictures! I mean, at this point, I'm just rubbing it in!"

That series of thoughts was the catalyst for what I call a Rampage of Appreciation (Esther & Jerry Hicks coined the term) which then produces an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, and it's certainly not the first time I've experienced this One-ness, this pure and unconditional, limitless LOVE from and for the Universe. Some call this experience being overcome by the Holy Spirit. The last time was a year ago-on Long Beach with the Fabulous & Powerful 4, just after I'd come back from this same party in Sebago. But I'll come back to that. See, the thing is-ALL of these trips were given to me a gifts. GIFTS! Same as last year. St. Thomas, St. John, several 5 star weekend getaways and so many others. GIFTS. My life is FILLED with GIFTS-everything I have! My whole life is a series of gifts! Talk about being blessed!!!! I stood on the shore, head turned to heaven in sheer and utter thankfulness, overwhelmed by all I've experienced and all the love I've received, completely floored by all of my blessings-especially over the last 3-4 years.

Joe returned with our food and said "I've gotta tell you what just happened. I was admiring my tailgate set-up. I mean, I really love my tailgate set-up! And while I was appreciating my grill, I thought 'this was given to me as a gift.' And as I was appreciating my Yeti, I thought "this was given to me as a gift.' Everything I have in life is a GIFT!"

Because Gratitude is THE KEY to opening the floodgates of creation, of blessings, of SPIRIT, I KNEW we were in for one heck of a weekend! We were both overcome simultaneously and separately. This was the beginning of yet another stream of miracles in our lives, and I didn't doubt that for a moment-as I mentioned, it's not the first time (or even the 25th....).

After dinner I took out one of my journals. I wrote "I am Richly Blessed" and "My whole life is a gift." I sat dumbfounded staring at the words-words I've written hundreds of times. I was awe-struck. This was the first time in all the years I'd been writing those exact words as part of my daily affirmations that they were purely, totally and completely statements of Truth, a simple matter of fact without a shred of hope or future projection. I've always been aware of the Power that flows through me; as I share my stories you'll understand-but I really do make things happen. I mean, I talk to the weather. Trees offer me their personalities. I talk to GOD-and He talks back! I've been in "the flow" where everything I say manifests suddenly and miraculously over and over again many times in the last 15 years and I've been a purposeful creator of my life experience for just as long. But this time it was if I'd completed a cycle. This time, everything I've purposefully created with words and thoughts for so many years is my absolute current reality. I literally have everything I've ever asked for and there isn't a single category in my life that isn't as perfect as I've wished/hoped/claimed and projected them to be. Now, in this moment, instead of believing in my Power, I'm certain of it! And I've always read that an amazing shift happens when you transcend belief into certainty! Woah, woah, woah. THIS IS GONNA BE AMAZING!!!!

The weekend was filled with validation that the Universe is answering my thoughts over, and over, and jaw-droppingly over again. But the next part of the story I want to tell you happened the day after we returned home. I was driving my son's boyfriend to pick up his new prescription eyeglasses and I wanted to first stop at the Post Office and retrieve any accounts receivables that may have come in. As we pulled in to the PO, he said "I'm definitely going to have a horrible headache later though cause it's a new prescription, so I'll have that to deal with..." I immediately stopped him and said "NO, don't say that! That doesn't have to be your reality! The words you speak set up the moments ahead of you. Tell yourself a different story!" and put the car in park. It flashed quickly through my mind that I needed to use this moment as a teachable one. I pointed up to the sky (my sunroof was open) and I said, out loud "There will be enough money in my PO box to pay all of my bills for the rest of the month!" and got out of the car. Now, we own our own small business. We've been on vacation more than we've been working for well over a month. I haven't even looked at Joe's invoices so I literally have no idea at all what might be coming in. I opened the PO and laughed out loud. I sauntered back to the car with a fist full of envelopes and told my son's BF "I've NEVER had this many envelopes at once!" and stuck them in the side console. I hesitated a moment and asked "do you mind if I open these to see if it came true?" Then I said (again, outloud, as this was all about teaching a lesson) "I NEED $1700, but if I had aboooouuuuuutttttt (calculating in my head) $2300 I'd be totally cool". He pulled out his calculator app and I quickly peeked in the envelopes one by one reading off the payment amounts. When I said "okay, that's the last one. Where are we at?" He looked at me wide-eyed, and turned the screen toward me: $2247.00.

I believe that I've entered a new reality, a new level.... transcended is the way one of my girlfriends described it. And now I'm being guided and instructed to share with anyone who wants to hear them, some of the amazing stories and experiences I've been so blessed to live. I've always been hesitant to do it, but as I said, It's Time.


  • Gratitude is THE Key to opening the floodgates of the universe's Blessings.

  • If you say, think and do something with focus, intention and commitment for a long enough period of time, it becomes reality.

  • When you are absolutely certain, nothing will stop you and the Universe always delivers your expectation.



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