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The Undeniable Magic of Gratitude

Greetings from beautiful Long Beach in Gloucester, MA! It’s Girlfriends Weekend with “The Fabulous & Powerful 4”-and have I got a story for you! It all started a year ago with a trip to the same beach, with the same friends. I’d been packing for this trip, (a wonderful gift) little by little for a week. The theory I’d been pondering that week was about attraction. Specifically that we only attract what we are, and I’d been reflecting on and examining the experiences I’d been having in my daily life as well as the people who were currently front and center in it to get a clear understanding of my Self and the frequency I was vibrating at. Whenever I went to my closet to put something in my bag for the trip I pondered the theory in relation to this unlikely foursome of indivisible, bound for life, true-to-the-core friends.

We came together as adults. We each recall a moment of such intense attraction to one another upon meeting-an absolute knowing that we were supposed to be together. Our backgrounds, life stories as well as our personalities and interests were so completely different from one another but our friendships were instantly so real, so true and so important to us. It has always felt as though we were predestined-and we do believe that's the truth of it. Not only that, but we very quickly noticed that when the 4 are together we are wildly powerful. There’s just no other way to say it. We are always in the right place at the right time and the synchronicity that befalls us when we are together is absolute, undeniable and nothing short of magical! It’s as if ("as if", LOL, that's a good one….it ABSOLUTELY IS) the Universe hears our conversations and presents It’s response to our questions, concerns, wishes-often immediately. We have healed people (me included) together, had Divine encounters together, and manifested desires right before our eyes-over, and over and over again! (This story will illustrate the latter!)

I wondered what the common denominator was that not only attracted us SO STRONGLY to one another, but that made us SO POWERFUL as a group.

I arrived at the rental unit on the beach (a gift to us for 5 days from a family member!) and explored. Room after beautiful room, floor after beautiful floor, I finally found Ellen (oh yes, we are also 2 Kathys and 2 Ellens, even though they call me “Elle”) on the top floor’s huge balcony with breathtaking views. “OH-OH-OHHHH!” I exclaimed, “now THIS is gonna be party!” I was absolutely blown away by the moment and excitingly began rattling off to Ellen the list of great adventures including several trips, 5-star weekends, crazy awesome parties, wild coincidences (I use that term for the sake of the reader-I don’t believe in coincidences!), amazing new friends I’d made, ect that I’d very literally been GIFTED over the last several months, starting with a trip to St. Thomas on my Birthday! I exclaimed over and over “I seriously cannot believe that THIS is my LIFE! Every single one of these things was a GIFT to me!” When I finally finished (they all know I’m long winded-but my stories are really good! HAHA), Ellen said “I feel the same way, Elle! I cant believe how blessed my life is! Every single day is a miracle!”

The first Kathy arrived moments later and announced “I’ve gotta tell you guys! I freaking LOVE MY LIFE!”

AHA! OUR COMMON DENOMINATOR-the characteristic that is at the very core of our beings-JUST HAPPENED TO BE THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL IN THE UNIVERSE!

IMMENSE AND INTENSE GRATITUDE! (the other Kathy didn’t need any confirmation story. She walks around in a constant state of thankfulness blessing strangers in her path!).

No wonder we’re so freaking powerful together!!!!

The weekend went onto be amazing in every way, as usual, but a seed that was planted that weekend bloomed in a way that illustrates the absolute power of certainty and the power of words, thoughts and focus.

Kathy the first is likely the most generous person I’ve ever met and it was her sister who rented the condo that we stayed in. Kathy had recently left her job as an ICU nurse and was exploring a new career idea. A risky one that presented several huge obstacles-but Kathy doesn’t see obstacles. When Kathy says something out loud, it manifests-sometimes frighteningly, so as a group and because we cannot deny or take for granted our combined power we’ve learned to be careful and thoughtful in our conversations. From an outsiders perspective her current situation and therefore her future was in a state of unknown-but not to Kathy! “I’ll always have what I need.” “I’ll always have money, I don’t have to worry about that.” “My life is amazing!” are some of her most common phrases, as well as “I’m SO excited!!!”, and “I am so blessed!”

We spent a couple of hours in prayer. We called upon all the angels, all the Masters, and we sent healing to many individuals in our lives. We saw miracles happen that very day, including an instantaneous healing! We had a beautiful Divine Encounter and several incredible AHA moments between us that afternoon. Later that night while celebrating on the beach Kathy stated “I’ve gotta tell you guys: (her usual opening statement, LOL). Next year I’m gonna have a house right on this beach and we’re gonna be here next year doing exactly this in my house!” For a split second I know that the rest of us doubted the possibility but quickly remembered who was saying it! “Okay”, we replied, lets put it out to the Universe, and we did. Kathy took a photo of the sunrise the next morning. She uploaded it as the screen saver on her phone. It’s the top photo, above. The bottom photo was taken from her front living room window FOUR MONTHS later AS A GIFT…..and here we are on this gorgeous morning awaiting the arrival of our 4th member at her beautiful beach house, in the spot where she claimed this reality a year ago!


  • You attract what you ARE. Use your current outside experiences to get a deeper understanding of where you are. You can change your experiences by changing your own vibration! Your outside life is a mirror reflection playing out what’s going on in your inside life.

  • Your vibe attracts your tribe.

  • Gratitude, gratitude and MORE gratitude! When you BECOME Grateful, and I mean truly, blissfully grateful, the blessings pour into your outside world experience!

  • Your words are powerful! Choose them wisely!


Elle Gallo has been a dedicated student of philosophy, religion, quantum physics and the Laws of The Universe for 20 years. A Miracle in 42 Days will be her first published work, a daybook of readings and exercises that will bring YOU-body, mind & spirit-to YOUR next level. Anticipated release December 2018. Stay tuned for a live workshop series in Peabody, MA coming soon!


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