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My First Day Without Em

AM Personal Journal Entry:

The house is too quiet. The weather has shifted. Fall is coming. Beautiful, refreshing change. The sun is shining. Things feel different. A gift.

Or perhaps the calm before the storm?

Emma was too busy to call last night. Joey is away with friends, his last hurrah of the summer. Tony is doing his thing. Joe’s back at work. Marion’s reading. The laundry's done, the house is clean, the bills are paid.

I’m doubting my self this morning. I’m fearful. Afraid of losing what I’ve created. And that I’m not equipped for what I still hope to achieve.

Change. Things feel different. The calm before the storm, perhaps.

“I’ve not taken you this far to desert you now” He said. “This is when your FAITH comes in. I’ve not given you all this to take it away or to let it all fall apart.”

I worried for my daughter. He reminded me not to.

“Bring to Me, and leave with Me your worries and concerns.” He has to remind me of this a lot.

Later, still looking for peace I opened my book of daily reading for the first time since Tuesday the 21st, I had two entries to catch up on:

I was able to release my fear of the future. I AM capable, I have everything I need-now, and with every step forward. I cannot deny this any more. I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me. My life is a tapestry of miracles. How dare I doubt HIM? My worry for Emma was more difficult to hand off. Everytime I gave it to Him, I'd find my self worrying again shortly afterwards-or taking it back from Him-in essence telling Him that I don't trust Him to handle it without my involvement. Silly me...but I needed to find a way to Let It Go.

“Be In Me”, He said. I grabbed my walking shoes and jumped in the car. I needed to get away from my self, my house, my stuff. I needed to get out of my head. I drove to where I knew there were trails and took my first ever solo hike into the woods. With every step I talked with Him. I gave to the Universe my concerns, my sadness over the empty bedroom next to mine, my worries about my little girl’s experience on her own. I felt lifted, lighter, and more at peace with each passing moment and by the time I exited the wooded path back to my car, I was relieved of my fears.

I headed home with the windows down and the music on, relishing the difference in the air, the fall, and ready to embrace the change, knowing that my little girl-His little girl is in THE most capable of hands. And as I approached the first set of traffic lights.........this:


Elle Gallo has been a dedicated student of philosophy, religion, quantum physics and the Laws of The Universe for 20 years. Her blog, Everyday Miracles, highlights the proof that the Universe is always listening and that God is always with us. A Miracle in 42 Days will be Elle's first published work, a daybook of readings and exercises that will bring YOU-body, mind & spirit-to YOUR next level. Anticipated release December 2018. Stay tuned for a live workshop series in Peabody, MA coming soon! www.ellegallo.com


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