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God is God is God is God. Really doesn't matter what you think about IT.

"I AM what I AM and there is no thing that you or any being can think, say or do that can ever affect or change what I AM in any way. It matters not what you call Me, just as a Mother answers to Mom, Mamma, Mommy, Mother, Ma or Madre. I have no preference as to your terminology. In the same way, it does not matter to Me how you arrive at my door. There are many routes that lead to Me, some more scenic and some more direct, but all paths-and I do mean ALL paths-and ALL people come home eventually. Judge not another’s choice of direction, nor their term of endearment for Me, as it is of no concern to you. Think only on finding your way to Me. And no matter what you call Me- even if for you I AM nameless-I will still answer when you call. " ~GOD

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