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"I'm right HERE."

When the time came to put some kind of order to my years of conversations and messages, I asked God:

Where do we begin?

Right where we are.

Not the beginning?

Here.... Now.... Be.... (There is only now, anyway.)

What’s first? What’s the first message?

I’m right HERE.

I think I see what you did there! Or should I say “here”!

To all of you I say:

I’m right HERE. Right NOW.

There has never been a moment when I have not been right here.

Time and space are characteristics of our physical realm. God is beyond this and is always present, in the present. To be present with God requires our presence in this moment, right now. Where our thoughts go, there we are. When we are worrying our thoughts are in the future, and so our consciousness, therefore, is also. When we feel guilty, resentful, regretful, we are in the past. God is in neither of those places, but is here, right now. Focus on your breath to come back to the center. Bring your thoughts to where your body is: here, now. This is where you will find God waiting for you.

"To be fully present and to get the most of every moment, ask yourself "Where am I?" Describe it, fully. Then, "What is my purpose?" (what am I doing here/why am I here?) and finally "Who am I?"

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