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Rise & Shine

Nothing changes if you don't change. YOU are the MOST important project you will ever work on. The world is LITERALLY waiting for YOU to step into your purpose and come alive!

Consider yourself called on, my friend. If you've seen this, it's no coincidence. YOU. HAVE. BEEN. CALLED.

Rise and Shine!

Rise. Close your eyes. If your not someone who meditates regularly, then just start practicing. This is where you Rise. Once you've gotten your breathing regulated and your breaths are controlled and even and fluid, and your not arguing with yourself in your head (we all go through it! Just keep practicing, it gets better, I promise!), focus your attention in between your eyebrows. Keep yourself calm and will yourself, and feel yourself-your consciousness-rising; lifting, ever so slightly. Repeating the word "rise" in your head or out loud will definitely help. This IS the Rise. Someday you will soar, but for now, let's work toward lifting!

When I energetically connect with Jesus, I Rise. When I lift others in healing prayer to Him, I Rise. When I need His Peace to come over me, I Rise. It's very simple, just begin. Before you know it, you will Rise in just a few seconds.

Oh, and the Shine, that comes after the Rise. :)

If you try this, and start a practice, please let me know how you're doing with it and leave any questions in the comments!

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