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How to Access the Universal Offering of the Autumn Equinox Today!

Ahhh, Mabon; the Autumn Equinox. As the sun sits directly above the equator and day and night are perfectly equal, we notice a sense of balance or peacefulness. We experience this balance four times a year, but today, the Autumn Equinox, or Mabon, we also sense relief as it marks the end of our season of work, of busy-ness and the beginning of a season of rest.

This day offers a portal, a powerful gateway of ascension to higher levels of consciousness and we can use the the natural balance of the Universe, the balance outside of our bodies to encourage balance within. It's a perfect day for using breath work (especially alternate nostril breathing technique) and meditation (I suggest "Re-balance Inner Energy" for today) to bring this sense of balance into our bodies. I'll also be chanting Har Har Wahe Guru this evening, this mantra creates balance between earth and ether and restores equilibrium. I've read that the earth's heartbeat is at it's strongest today, so while meditating tune into your heartbeat and your deep respect and love for Mother Earth, as today it's the earth and her bounty we celebrate.

Mabon is a time to reflect and to tie up loose ends, to be finished, complete. Take some quiet time with your journal and reflect on what projects need to be completed and create a plan to finish them this month. Whether it's a pile of paperwork, an over-stuffed closet, or an important conversation that you've been putting off, this is the time to tidy up.

What had you hoped to accomplish this year? Whatever you have, it's time to celebrate your achievement and reap your harvest. Whatever you haven't, decide now whether you're going to reset your sail or let it go. If resetting, make a plan. Hopes hardly ever happen. Plans with dates and details, however, do. Honor yourself, your desire and your journey with the commitment of a plan of action.

Today we anticipate the incoming season of quiet introspection. A time for self-study, self-care, reflection, rest and reassessment. Now we take our evenings to do just this, and tap into the powerful Creator that is our Essence and begin designing our next story, Chapter 2020.

Today also welcomes the beginning of the season of Thankfulness. We are grateful for our efforts and our harvest. Committing to a Daily Gratitude Practice or ritual starting tonight through the years end will bring peace to your mind, joy to your spirit and abundance to your life. The key to a successful Gratitude Practice is to not only call into your awareness that which you are grateful for and writing it down (as more energy is extended into the thought with the act of writing) but to meditate on it until you FEEL the gratitude flowing through you, and then offering your thanks to the Universe, your God, or your Higher Power within.

I send you blessings of great abundance on this sacred day of celebration, opportunity and possibility.



PS-If you are ready to tap into the energy of the quiet season and bring it into your life with a plan for self study and reflection complete with a plan for 2020, join me for a three month online workshop called "Get Your Shit Together, Girl!" Request more information here.

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