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Relationship Mirrors & October News

The first "Luna Gathering, Living By the Light of the Moon" group came together Saturday night for a New Moon event. September’s New Moon came in under Libra and so aligning with the planetary energy we focused this month on Relationships.

We took time to reflect on which of our relationships need attention and especially which relationships are out of balance. We considered the questions: How is this relationship out of balance, and how can I swing the pendulum FAR in the opposite direction so that it’s resting place lands closer to the middle? Learning to work with the phases of the moon we created an outline and a manifestation plan for our new intentions, committing to creating the life we want while following the natural rhythm of the Universe! What days to plan, research, gather things and information, when to reflect and regroup, when to rest and when to take massive action! Oh, how I love the Universe and it’s ways! It was a 3 hour gathering, so obviously I wont put in all in a blog, but WOW, it packed a punch!

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I encourage to ask yourself: How are your relationships? Who needs tending? Where are you giving more than you're receiving and where are you taking more than your fair share? Libra tells us it's time to balance the scales.

Everyone-every.single. person. is just a mirror reflection of you.

When you KNOW this truth, you can use it to see yourself more clearly, but also to heal any relationship.

What you're experiencing in your significant relationships is the same experience for your counterpart. Whatever it is that your'e feeling, whatever your wanting for...you can bet they are feeling and wanting, too.

When you're feeling unappreciated, they are feeling unappreciated.

When you’re feeling unwanted, or dismissed, or frustrated-they are too.

When you’re wishing they would see you, touch you, engage meaningfully-they are wishing for the same attention.

Since we get what we give, and we can only give what we have, then be the change you wish to see in the world-or in this case, your relationship! Step through your pride, through your hurts and DO THE THING that you’re wanting to receive. You'll become what your seeking, and you'll fill a void in your relationship while you're at it.

I was first offered this lesson in Divine Dialogue in very personal terms, and I tested it immediately and often. I soon realized it's a fundamental Truth and it became an invaluable tool in my marriage. It's not easy to step through your ego and set aside your pride to give to your partner what they should be giving you, damnit! But I promise that it's worth it. This is one of the practices that took me from wanting a divorce to falling in love all over again. Try it:

Hug, when you want to be hugged.

Listen when you want to be heard.

Ask when you want to be asked.

Kiss when you want to be kissed.

DO THE THING, for the person you want the thing FROM.


I’m humbled by the amazing results of the Healing Sessions and the Coaching Sessions I’ve had this month since the doors of Eve Rising Healing & Wellness have officially opened! I’ve found myself covered in chills and my eyes filled with tears reading and hearing people’s experiences!

“I’ve been able to get off of my psych medications because of your healings and

teachings over these last few months!”

“I’ve experienced a Soul Healing for the first time in my life. My body and my spirit

have connected and merged!”

“If I worked with a ‘shrink’ for years they never could have done what you did in one night!”

  • Because many have requested not only healing, but guidance as well, I’ve designed a new service I wanted to share with you. I haven’t come up with a catchy title for it yet, so if one strikes you, let me know! The results have been magical! The Healing & Guidance Combo Session

  • My schedule is pretty full for October so my online booking service wont offer any appointments this month, but please email me if you would like a healing session, more info on a coaching program, a crystal bowl sound bath or a Healing & Guidance Combo and I’ll do what I can to get you on the schedule! I’m committed to the mission of raising the collective consciousness one awakening at a time, and peace on earth one harmonious and empowered life at a time.

  • Registration for the next in person Luna Gathering is open. There is space for 7 wonderful humans, so click to learn more or to register!

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my Divine Purpose and trusting me with a part to play in your journey to Truth, Healing and Abundance! If you'd like to help, please share the Eve Rising FB page or posts with your friends, and if you've been to see me, write a review on that page. And let me know how the relationship work goes this month! Happy October! xo

With So much love and Blessings in Abundance,


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