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December With Love

Greetings my Dear Sisters!

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and loved ones. Ours was one of healing this year with lots of self-reflection, learning, discussion and love all around. I'm especially grateful to travel this road with all of you by my side. I'm better because you're in my life and I thank you for your friendship. It's been a while since I've written, and there's lots of news I'm SO EXCITED to share with you so I'll get right to it! Ready, Set, Go!

Spirit Essentials

I can hardly believe that I've been dreaming Eve Rising Wellness Center into being for 10 years now! As you know, this past year I decided to bring as many facets of this vision into the world as I could, even though we don't have a "building". An aspect of the big vision that I have a particular affinity for is the Gift Shop. I cannot wait to offer spiritual pieces & metaphysical tools and books that will help women beautify and accelerate her personal spiritual path. If you could only see the image I hold in my mind! And someday, you surely will. Of course we have not manifested brick and mortar center or store-YET. But since I made the decision last year that I wasn't waiting any longer and that I would do everything I could with what I have, I've gotten as close to that Shop as possible! Today-and just in time for your holiday shopping!- I'd like to announce Spirit Essentials! Eve Rising's Spiritual & Metaphysical Online Gift Shop! It's been in development for months and has been much more complicated than anticipated, so there will likely be some bugs to work out. Please let me know right away if you encounter anything amiss! And please share it with your friends!


Of course I have a gift for you! Use this coupon code at checkout for 10% off your total and free shipping! Good through December 31st: MYTRIBE

Speaking of holiday shopping, please consider giving the Gift of Healing to the most cherished women in your life! Gift Certificates and hand written Holiday messages sent to your gift recipient! Special 10% off! Details here!

A New Venue for Healing, Learning & Experiences!

I've been asked to provide Healing Services, Life & Spiritual Coaching Services, teach classes and host workshops in a beautiful new Yoga and Wellness Center in Londonderry, NH! Check out "The Hidden Studio, A Lifestyle Boutique". The studio is located right off of exit 4 on route 93.

My first official day of Healing there will be Saturday, January 18. You'll notice that the pricing per service is higher than I ask for at my Healing Studio. Of course that's because there is more overhead there. On Saturday night, January 11th, (111!!!) join me at The Hidden Studio for the first group Crystal Sound Bowl gathering: Chakra Healing with Crystal Sound Bowls! I'm a little nervous but excited to extend myself beyond my beautiful and supportive tribe of Sisters. I'll send along the link when registration opens.


A like on facebook would be awesome too: https://www.facebook.com/thehiddenstudionh/

Living In High Consciousness, A Workshop Series:

I'm going to do my best to put together a workshop every month that dives into one of 12 necessary elements to raise your vibration and Live in High Consciousness. This month, just in time for New Year's Day, we'll focus on the High Consciousness Attribute of Becoming A Master Planner and we'll Get Our Shit Together by taking charge of 2020 before it begins! One All-Day Workshop. Click the pic for the class description! It's almost full, so hurry!

Become an Official Member of the Eve Rising Sisterhood!

New Membership Opportunity with Big Benefits in 2020!

And finally, December 14th is this month's Saturday for Healing Services in the Healing Studio. Right now it's totally open as I haven't posted it anywhere yet. Get yourself a Gift Certificate for 10% off and make an appointment for some spiritual, loving care.

Thank you from my heart.

Blessings in Abundance and Peace on Earth,


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