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"Meet" Your Higher Self

The Problem With Positive Affirmations Positive Affirmations-writing and speaking aloud what you want to be or have that you currently don't or aren't in order to someday achieve it-has one impossible flaw: If you don't believe it, you can't receive it. And let's be honest, if you're needing to create a positive affirmation to tell yourself every day that you are happy, healthy and healed, or that you have a convertible Porsche 911, chances are that red shiny vehicle is not sitting in your driveway today and you are wishing you were happier & healthier and perhaps praying for a miracle healing. Now listen, I'm not knocking the use of positive affirmations-not at all. I've been using them daily for more than two decades! And sure, when you're told something often enough eventually you start to believe it, even (and especially) when it's you doing the talking. But that approach by itself can be a snails pace toward the manifestation of your desires.

Meeting up with my Future Self

Once I fundamentally understood and therefore BELIEVED that I wouldn't long for anything unless I already had it, whether by memory in a past version of myself or a future/higher version of myself and that I couldn't possibly conceive of something that I couldn't achieve, I changed the way I approached my positive affirmations. When I did, my manifestation rate increased by around 70% and the speed in which things manifested was shocking-even to me, a self proclaimed "Master Manifester" ;0)

Now, because of this shift in belief, instead of first creating an I AM statement from a place of wishing and then conjuring a vision of it, I connect to my heart and allow this higher perfect version of my self to emerge in my vision and allow her to share herself with me. In this sharing of feelings I then FEEL MySelf as MyHigherSelf and I in that moment I AM that. And manifestation must, by the Laws of The Universe begin!


I (used to) hate cleaning. I had all kinds of ickiness around it. I was mad at everyone for leaving a mess, disgusted by the mess, resentful that I had to clean the mess. I would curse my family and my house in my head. And seriously, the place was a freaking mess most of the time. Closets literally bursting with stuff, drawers disheveled, floors would go months without a mop, laundry? I can't even begin. So weird too, cause I'm a freakish organizer with my time, my goals and my calendar, but housecleaning-just, no. So, I'd done the whole "find the value in your chores" for years, and it helped sometimes for sure, but, still, hated.it I was becoming so sick of myself, so sick of this story, because obviously those thoughts made me feel like shit. I began to truly & deeply wish that I could see this differently, that I could find not just the words, but the belief that would change my interpretation of this.

One afternoon I sat in meditation and called on the higher version of myself. The one that doesn't behave the way my physical self is behaving around this issue. I truly WANT to love my house, and enjoy caring for it, certainly not curse it! I knew that I had-I remember moving in and loving it. And I know the spiritual me doesn't feel any of the things the human me has been thinking about. So I asked her to come and to show me; to show me her-well, my-self. And when I saw her, I of course felt her, I am her, afterall. I opened to feeling this higher version of me, and I experienced her peace, her pleasure, her love for MY life. My life, my being, my circumstances. And when I felt her love for my life, I felt my love for my life. I wrote exactly what I felt in that moment on an index card: "I love my Home and taking care of it makes me happy & grateful." I didn't wish I felt it, I did feel it. I hung the index card inside my cabinet so that I would be reminded of how I felt when I was putting my dishes away and cleaning in the kitchen (the scene of previous murderous thoughts!). I called it "a note from my future self" and every time I read it I would remember the feeling of it, and it would be true. Fleeting, but true.

Of course, over time we stop seeing things that are right in front of us. I've got words everywhere-I mean all. over. my. house. I don't really recall the last time I noticed that index card but I know I put it there about 6 months ago, and did notice it and therefore experience myself that way daily for quite a long time. The final week this past January I was way ahead of my monthly goals (despite having a 5 day birthday getaway!) and decided to move into February's task list. I started with the closet in my study (OMG, ughhh) and never stopped. Unlike the manic frenzy that this kind of clearing/cleaning project used to be, I (without really thinking anything of it) was peaceful, methodical, and happy just going about my day(and nights) taking care of all the things I wanted to take care of-which two weeks later turned out to be every. single. thing. in. my. house. Every drawer, every closet, built new closets, donated 16 bags of clothes and boxes of stuff I didn't love anymore, created a new office, pulled up carpets, built a retail area in my home healing studio, and a family organization station, designed a dressing room, you name it. Everything. Easily, with grace. My very last project, one I hadn't planned but just decided to do because, well, everything else was completed: I bought new color coded dish sets for everyone in the house (so that everyone is accountable for their own damn dishes, LOL) and emptied the cabinets of all the dishes, bowls, glasses and mugs into boxes. I placed all the new colorful dishes in the cabinets. One of my children later joined me in the kitchen and we were discussing some fun new gadgets and other additions I'd made to the laundry room and I commented that I'd been really enjoying doing all these projects and how strange and unlike me that was and how glad I was that I seemed to have changed the way I felt about cleaning. "OH!" I exclaimed "Look at these awesome new dishes we have!" I swung the cabinet door open and BAM:

The tears jumped right out of my eyeballs! I MET Her. I WAS her. I AM HER. NOW. Truly.

What do you deeply wish you could change about the way you feel? You wouldn't long for it if you didn't already have it in a future version of yourself, the longing is your Higher Self wanting you to MEET her where she is. Find her, feel her and remember her-THAT'S where the positive affirmation comes in-and feel her every time you're reminded. She will keep guiding you toward her because she knows that your Highest self is your happiest self and once you realize that you want what she already is,

(what you already are) you will have it.

I love my life. I hope you love your life too. Thank you for being on this miraculous adventure with me. It really is quite the ride, isn't it?

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