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Get Ready, Goddesses.

There’s always more to the story than meets the eye. To some, what’s happened in our country since late Tuesday night has come as a shock. Truthfully, if we were paying attention to anything beyond local and US news (which cannot ever be trusted to be whole) we would’ve been stocking our pantries weeks ago and wouldn’t be fighting for toilet paper today. In the coming days and weeks you’re going to start seeing and hearing ideas and suspicions surrounding this global crisis that are more sinister in nature than a virus. Then, you’ll be bombarded with it-just like you’ve been bombarded since Tuesday night with the response to what’s been real and coming for months.

You probably know me well enough to believe me when I tell you that my home has been stocked and I’ve been taking proactive measures for weeks in preparation for this crisis; some intuitively and some intentionally. Unfortunately, I still cared enough about how others thought about me that I didn’t share my concerns and advice with all of you in fear of being judged and thought of as, well, you know…fill in the blank.

Anyhow, I reached out to you all on Tuesday late afternoon when I just couldn't hold it in any longer to implore you to look at the data and take action immediately, which incidentally was about an hour before the (cough, cough) President addressed the nation (in probably the most serious approach he's ever taken to anything). I wish I had been sharing more information and strong intuitions earlier with you and in hindsight I regret that I allowed my ego to get in the way. It was selfish of me to keep it to myself and I will try not to let my worry about how I’ll be perceived interfere with what I know to be true. To that end, I’m also acutely aware of just how much misinformation and untruths are circulating and I never want to jump the gun and spread untruths. I’ve said it a million times: I don’t trust the government, I don’t trust the media (never have), I’m a research-aholic and will not share anything I don’t believe has absolute merit and deserves your attention.

Spiritually: As always, I’m looking ahead (future), rising up and looking down(present from different levels of consciousness and awareness), behind (past) and all around the world (facts and data) and I’m digging into research, and bringing it into meditation and Divine conversation, keeping my inner self clear, clean and open to be a vessel for divine intuition, wisdom and healing. You have my promise that I will continue to do all I can to serve as a beacon of truth, and Light as we navigate through the chaos of the worldly realm with a higher consciousness and connection to the Great I AM.

I’m not going to beat around the bush today or spend time trying to make any of this flowery or appealing. We are in a critical time of the human evolution and critical times call for drastic measures. This is not just an opportunity to grow in consciousness (and boy, is it ever!), it’s a calling. This IS the time we’ve been waiting for, and this moment is calling on us. It’s time to step into our shared human Purpose and then our individuals Divine Assignments. Get ready Warrior Goddesses: your Light, Love, Power & HIGH consciousness is being called on and called TO the front lines. It is our responsibility, our duty and our honor. This is the moment to BECOME and fulfill exactly what you signed up for before you arrived here, whether you know it or not.

I’ll give you some time to digest this, and I’ll be back in your inbox with an outline, quality resources and a more in-depth look into what steps are next shortly. If you haven’t read Tuesday's email: Proactive Measures for the Highly Conscious Part I: A Mind/Body/Spirit approach to Keeping Your Self, Your Family and Your Community Safe, please do.

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Be back soon. Let’s do this.

Blessings in Abundance,


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