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Gathering the Warrior Goddesses for the Rise of Eve!

Greetings My Dear Ones,

I assume that at this point you have made provisions for yourself and your loved ones. That you have the herbs, foods, medicines and emergency plans in place. Just in case, let’s get this part out of the way first. Here are a handful of things that I want to make note of in addition to the “urgent physical world to-do lists” I offered in the last 2 emails this week (if you need to catch up, click here):

  1. If you do not have a financial emergency fund, interest rates have been reduced and if you can get a loan, do that now. If that’s not an option for you, and you have a relative who can give you a loan, ask.

  2. If your gas tank isn’t full, do that now.

  3. Anything that you need/want have on hand in preparation for a national lock-down on movement, today is the day to do it.

  4. This week, write down phone number and addresses the good ole-fashioned way

  5. Think about where in you home you would be able to create a secluded quarantine area in case a household member starts to show any signs of illness. DON’T create it as that action will ignite the energy of physical manifestation. Just recognize that it’s a possibility and have a low-key-just-in-case loose plan.

Okay. Now, If you’ll indulge me for a minute:

For years I’ve been trying to convince you of how powerful you are. I’ve offered my ears and knowledge in a way that I’ve thought you would hear it most fully. What I haven’t instilled is the conviction to practice the tools you came here with!

It’s time for me to accept my personal responsibility and it’s time for you to accept yours. Its time to do what we can, how we can, where we are. I'm getting all kinds of things organized for you, so more is on it's way, but for the moment, know this:

If you felt the urgency to get your pantry prepared this week, multiply that by 1000. That is the urgency necessary for you to feel right now about your innate personal power. Its time now to strengthen your spirit, your mind and your body like never before. No more can we afford the mental default of “I don’t have time right now, I’ll do that later”. There is no later! What you do RIGHT NOW is ALL THERE IS. No more can we afford the mental boundaries of yesterday. We’ve entered into the critical time that requires action...

Understanding The Laws of the Universe has never been more important. Tapping into and utilizing your superhuman power that every single one of us has the capacity to unleash has never been more imperative as it is right now.

What is above, so is below:

This is spiritual warfare, friends. Its time to suit up. There's no more time for excuses, there’s no room for victimhood, and there’s no place for a pity party. Every human is affected by what’s happening, every person can list their grievances and hardships resulting from this crisis, and those lists will get much longer and much dire in the days to come-that’s your opportunity and your call to action. All challenges provide opportunity. What’s happening right now IS the proof. It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for the trumpets are sounding. If you do not RISE UP now, you will be left behind in a world filled with sickness, worry and despair. If you accept this challenge to rise up and be the Warrior Goddess that you are, you will change the course of destiny for all of humanity. How’s that for the cold, hard Truth?

What will it take? Everything you’ve got.

This war requires you to be as strong as you can be. Your priorities are your body’s health, your mental health, and your spiritual health. Never before has it been more obvious or more crucial to accept the responsibility of the fact that “the better you care for yourself, the better you can care for others”. Although each of these “beings” (body, mind, and spirit) or parts of the self, need your undivided attention and care, your SPIRITUAL being holds the keys to unlock the wellness of all your parts and instead of being last to get your time, it must be moved into first place. Now. Your most superhuman powers lie in your spirit! Your power lies in that which cannot be seen, heard, touched, smelled, tasted. Your POWER lies in your spirit and your mind. Your human lies in your body. Your strong body is needed for your survival, but the world that body survives in depends on the quality and strength of your mind and spirit. You’ve heard this all before. There’s nothing new under the sun-except an urgency like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

I implore you to accept your responsibility to become the strongest, and the highest version of yourself you have ever dreamed you could be. Right now. It has been written in several spiritual teachings and wisdom teachings that if humanity can reach an awakening of just 5% of the population, the power in that energy field will tip the scales and we will enter a new state of being. It’s time to WAKE UP. This is the calling!

The angels and ascended masters, the saints, our ancestors; they are ALL just behind the veil. They stand on alert. They are suited up willing, ready and able, WAITING for us to ask, connect and accept their assistance, power, wisdom, energies.

If you have heard the whispers calling to you from your Higher Self, your guides, your God; if you know that you are more powerful than you think you are, if you are ready to make a commitment to learning & practicing; if you know that the time is now, I invite you join me in my commitment to becoming ALL that I came here to be.

To that end, very quickly for the moment and much more to come:

The TRUTH has not changed one bit. Do it now, do it often:

  1. Meditation, meditation, meditation.

  2. PRAYER, Energy sending, intention setting, spells….whatever you call it. SEE the healing of the planet.

Join me tonight at 8pm on ZOOM for what’s usually the Miracles & Messages Online Video Gathering where we will discuss what’s REALLY happening, what the opportunities are, and the roles of the angels and ascended Masters. **Do me a favor, register so I know you're interested and show up with your video turned on. I’m doing this because I know we need it now, and I need to see you, too. At this point, most of you who will tune in know eachother or at least know of eachother. So be in bed with a cup or glass of whatever, no makeup...however you are! I’d really appreciate it if you’d help me get past my insecurities and build my confidence regarding video by having yours on. Eventually I’ll get used to it, I promise! Please share this with anyone you want to! It's time to gather the tribe and train the army of Warrior Goddesses.

See you tonight. Be back soon with more. I'm off to go get a loan! ;)

Blessings In Abundance,

All My love,


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