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Important Message from Elle

An energetic and spiritual portal opens tonight at 10:45pm EST.

A mass meditation movement is happening at that time and I want you to be part of it! The most advanced meditators in the world are on board for this massive event aimed at shifting the global consciousness out of fear and into Light, creating a new world free of dis-ease, free of low vibration experience, poverty, destruction, greed, removing the evil that is prevalent in today’s civilization and shifting into a world of peace, love and unity.

For light workers and healers: this is the moment you’ve been preparing for.

For everyone else, just as the Light Workers have the support of all the ascended masters who are standing in wait to assist the calling of this moment, your intentions toward love, peace, harmony and happiness will be magnified by the power of these light workers on earth and highly trained and advanced metaphysical journeyers.

I want to encourage every person reading this to add your energy to this global and universal healing event! I urge you to be part of this and help achieve the mass needed (which is 144,000) to heal our world and move us as a whole into a higher vibration of life experience. You will reap what you sow.

For those who do not “meditate” per se: whatever your spiritual path, connection, affiliation; whatever it is that you do that activates your inner power, turns on your love light, and causes you hope, joy, and healing-DO THAT tonight at 10:45pm for 20 minutes.

What’s important is not our words, but our SHARED INTENTION and our personal VIBRATION.

Our intention at 10:45 is for a rebirth of our world; an infusion of Light to heal our hearts, our minds, and our ways; to eradicate from our presence anything that is not serving our highest good-including the coronavirus. But WE must change within ourselves in drastic measure before the world’s stage can reflect our desire for peace, love and perfect health. So as we ask for, visualize and ignite a new way of being for the whole, we must first commit to being that which we wish to experience our world as. So ask, visualize and and ignite love, compassion, grace, trust, faith, and joy within yourself first.

The frequency we are vibrating at is of the utmost importance when we are seeking to transform something. We cannot activate anything outside of ourself that we haven’t activated inside ourself. So as you begin your 20 minutes, raise your vibration by connecting to your heart. Connect to your heart by putting your awareness there. Feel your heart beating. Recall the most tender moment you’ve ever experienced and stay in that feeling fully. Allow it to expand your hearts energy. Continue to add memories of thankfulness that cause the experience of gratitude to swell within your heart. Stay with this practice for 5 minutes before stating your intention of your connection at 10:45.

And finally, DO NOT ALLOW FEAR into this space! You will not serve the purpose by thinking of and being from fear! We are about to change the world, friends. Raise your vibe, expand your power and demand the release of this world from the energies that have prevailed. You have that power. I have that power. And a million of us tonight will use that power. Trust, Faith and conviction. Turn it up.

For the meditation and instructions, click here.

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