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The Lesson, The Truth & The Answer

The Truth has always been the Truth. The answer has not changed. The message has been in front of us for all to see for all time, yet we still have not learned; and so the lesson not only remains, but grows in strength and intensity.

Having been called to the bedside of my husband's dying father 23 years ago for our good-bye, he gifted us with these final words: “Love One Another”. Through 25 years of marriage and raising 3 humans as our own, we’ve come to fully understand the underlying meaning of those words. Love is not the automatic reactive feeling that we thought it was 23 years ago, that’s attraction. Love IS a feeling, but it’s produced by action or by connection to the Eternal Source of All That IS. Love is a verb.

Love is the cornerstone of every religion, of every relationship, it is the seed that produces Peace. The absence of love is suffering. Love is the one Truth and THE Answer. We will heal this world when the majority of it’s inhabitants-you and me-practice lovingkindness, non-judgement and absolute nonviolence in all our thoughts and deeds until we embody Love as our whole self.

I’ve often wondered, how can I open my heart? How can I cause myself to feel something I don’t already feel? Perhaps you have too. Here is what I've found:

Gratitude is the key to unlocking the floodgates of heaven!
Yes, it's that important. There is no book to be written about spirituality, religion, new thought, mind/body/spirit of any value that does not teach Gratitude as a foundational practice! If you don't already, or if it's been a while. start your written gratitude journal TODAY.
Sadghuru teaches that devotion is the sweetest emotion you can nurture within yourself.
Here are 10 more tips to developing an open and loving heart and mind:
  1. Chant! As Paramahansa Yogananda says, “Chanting is half the battle!” It’s the #1 way to develop devotion! Chant as much as possible. With a group. Alone. Silently. Aloud. Any time you can remember to do it! A chant is like an affirmation or a prayer set to music, and often is even more powerful than an affirmation because it bypasses the brain and goes straight to the heart. Even if you feel you have no musical ability at all, chant anyway!

  2. Practice the presence of God. Take a walking meditation. Walk slowly and deliberately and feel God in everything around you. Feel God walking, breathing, and thinking through you, present in every cell. Walking in nature is wonderful for this! Gradually extend this feeling to every activity of every day.

  3. Love the God within others. Forget and forgive their personality quirks and disorders — go beyond that and perceive their soul, which is ever perfect and pure in every way. You don’t need to love their actions or how they are behaving, but you can love their pure essence. This is the beginning stage of divine unconditional love for all!

  4. Pray for people all the time. Learn how to do healing prayers and do them regularly. If you feel you simply can’t love somebody or forgive him, ask God to do it for you. And when you find yourself in judgement of another, immediately offer them a blessing.

  5. Feel yourself to be a part of everything and everyone. This is the truth — all is one! Extend your love beyond just loving people to loving all creatures, all creation.

  6. Selfless service. Never go to work again. “X” out the word “work” from your vocabulary and your consciousness and substitute the word “service.” Service is purifying and uplifting and opens the heart perfectly and naturally. You forget the little self in offering your energy to others or to a cause greater than yourself. This is a great way to develop love and devotion.

  7. Transmute emotions into devotion. Good or bad, emotions are just energy. And energy can always be re-directed. When you perceive the stirring of emotion in your heart (at the heart chakra) offer it up the spine from the heart to the spiritual eye at the point between the eyebrows. Keep the energy firmly fixed there for a while and then offer it all to God.

  8. Live in joy, not sorrow. It’s your choice. Choose to love in a divine, unconditional unselfish way as much as possible. Meditation with love and devotion cannot fail, in the long run, to bring you bliss everlasting and final union with God, who is love.

  9. Consider this statement by a great saint: “If you knew how much God loves you, you would die for joy.” Then take that love and offer it to everyone you meet. Pray this simple prayer as often as you can remember to do so: “Divine Mother, awaken your love within me, and then let me awaken that love in all!”

  10. Heart Meditation: Close your eyes, take a few slow, deep and steady calming breaths. Bring your attention and your hands to your heart. Stay there a while and imagine that there is an opening straight into your heart and breathe into that opening. Feel the breath of God filling your heart with the golden light of love. Become aware of your heartbeat-the same heartbeat as Mother Earth. You are so loved. Feel this beautiful energy infiltrate every cell of your being and then expand out through you and into the energy surrounding your body. Stay here a while and bask in it’s glory. Then expand the energy further so it fills up your room, your home, every person in your house, your neighborhood, your community, and the world.

And finally, GUARD your mind. AVOID things that do not ride on the vibration of love. You cannot be Love and anger, or Love and fear, or Love and violence at the same time. If you are going to be part of the solution, part of the healing of humanity, you MUST CHOOSE LOVE. For me, most recently this has meant restricting myself from social media scrolling, not engaging in or even exposing myself to arguments, and keeping my mind free of any and all violence in my thoughts and on tv, internet and movies. Always remember, WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. What you feed your mind by way of your senses is what you become. How can you BE LOVE today? And with that, I offer you a small gift of love and appreciation in immense gratitude for being my companion as we walk each other home. It is my deep wish that it raises your spirit and fills you with hope, peace and love.
With Blessings in Abundance,
Elle Gallo is a Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master and All-Denominational Minister whose mission is to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness and bring to life Peace On Earth. Her private practice, Eve Rising is physically located in Derry, NH and many services and classes are also done virtually. www.eve-rising.org​ elle@ellegallo.com

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