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God and the Ego

God doesn’t care what you call it. Doesn’t care what you think “about” it; or whether or not you believe it exists at all. Source doesn’t care how you get to it or even IF you get to it. It is all there is, and being all there is, it knows all there is. It knows it’s you, it knows you’re it. It knows that even though you are currently bound by the constraints of humanness that you will return to it and will know yourself once again as it when you shed your body, when you return to your essence, which is IT.

Does God hope you’ll find your way to it while you’re in your humanness? I can’t pretend to know the mind of God, but it is my belief that the solution to all that ails us as humans and even as humanity as a whole lies in that quest and I believe that we each inherently have every tool necessary to achieve it.

I also believe it’s simple.

The Tools:

Mind, Body, Spirit

As with any high-powered precision tool, your study and understanding of it, care and maintenance of it, and actual USE of it (correctly) is required to produce the desired result of it’s capabilities.

As well, these high-powered precision tools are LIVING intelligent energetic entities. Although they respond to a master programmer, they learn and are auto-programmed with or without one. Whether you become masterful in the programming and development of these tools or not, they learn. Being intelligent, they apply what they’ve learned (believe to be true), and being ALIVE, they also, (and always) create.

Each of these tools are subtly connected to a different source and each have different purposes, uses, influences and powers-and we’ll get to that later. For now, just know that you will master them, or they will master you. You will run them, or they will run you.

You will teach them, or they will teach you-by constant repetition-only what they’ve learned through this lifetime-over and over and over again. They will master or be mastered.

They do not know all, they know only what they’ve learned or been taught.

The NOT all knowing consciousness that grows out of these living intelligent energetic entities that make up the human is called Ego.

Ego is the consciousness (or “personality” if that helps) formed by the subconscious beliefs which were formed by the living intelligent entities inherent to your human. It is an outgrowth of the programming AND interpretations of experiences by the body, mind, spirit and your life’s experiences (and your life’s experiences are in part produced by these living, intelligent, creative energetic entities and the human consciousness, or Ego, that becomes from them).

EGO: Everybody’s Got One

You have an ego. Every human has an ego, it is the ghost in the machine of humans. God, or Source, in it’s all-ness, in it’s simple but all-encompassing everything, does not. It is only through the illusion of separation in humanness (I am separate because my body is separate from your body, my mind and thoughts are mine and not yours, my life is mine alone, ect) that ego is formed. Ego IS separate, it is yours and mine is mine. Ego only knows the human it belongs to, that it grew from. It is the result of separation. Because it is an outgrowth of separation, then being fully identified with it-that is, if you think that is what you are, it keeps you from God, from the ALL, from the ONE, from one-ness.

If God, or Source, or Original Energy is ALL there is, is EVERYTHING that is, then the opposite of God, or Source, of All That IS, is separation. If Ego is separate then Ego is the opposite of God,

Ego consciousness is the opposite of ONE, or God Consciousness.

Therefore, finding Source, identifying with Source, experiencing Source and becoming Source-which is to find and experience the One Truth-and the ONENESS of that Truth- is to move AWAY from Ego.

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