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Hello My Dear Ones!

What a time it’s been, huh? Wow. Each of us are going through our own unique experiences while sharing some very challenging worldly times. A ride indeed.

If you’re like me, and chances are pretty good, then you’ve been dealing with a LOT of changes and seeing things more clearly about your self (whatever it is you’re seeing has to be about you in some way…). I spent the summer looking within as deeply as I could, and looking upward as often as I remembered. I’m facing whatever comes up and I’ve been blessed to have the sisters of my soul, to hold up the mirror of my Truth for me, and hold space for me. I’ve called on God, Divine Mother, Holy Father, Beloved Comforter, and Blessed Friends in Spirit to guide me, be with me, be in me, be through me, be as me. And I pray and I meditate often to bring myself into and attract to me All That Is, the I Am.

And I send all the goodness of that in waves outward to all of you, too.

I hope you feel it.

I took a 3 day sabbatical in August as part of my coursework in Meditation Teacher Training to practice some of the myriad of powerful techniques. Much was uncovered and discovered- deep inside, in the moment, and in the cosmos! My energy of WILL is getting quite strong! I sent so much and such powerful energy vibrations to my lower back that in an instant it knocked me right off my feet! Fortunately, I was standing next to a couch! I also uncovered some parts of my self that are more challenging-I'm sure you know what i mean. It was revealing and transformational and a very special time.

Joe and I are heading off to one of our favorite places, Stowe, VT for our 25th wedding anniversary (belated) to celebrate the love that started over french fries and that has built a wonderful life. Many of you know that several years ago I created a mantra for myself: Creating a life I don’t need a vacation from. 5 years ago when we moved from Massachusetts to New Hampshire I made an edit to the mantra, changing “need” to “want”. This morning as I FINALLY got to cleaning the house, I applied the principles of Karma Yoga to my chores (ya know, to get through the negative thoughts and resistance!) and as I began to first accept, then enjoy, then eventually appreciate the chores and the actions, I learned a little more deeply that when you learn to love your responsibilities, you fall in love with your life.”

As I reminisced and let my mind wander around in all those things I love, allowing that love to come up in me, and expand from my heart center I realized that when you create a life you don’t want a vacation from, you actually don’t want a vacation! LOL. I’m looking forward to it, of course!

I’m really blessed and excited to start sharing Lessons in Meditation. My training through Ananda Worldwide has been far more intensive and far more enlightening than I could have imagined and I’ve absorbed every ounce of it I could-it’s been DELICIOUS! I get stronger, more powerful, more calm, clear and focused, and more in tune with myself: body, mind and spirit every day and I’m looking forward to taking more courses following Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings. If you haven’t read The Autobiography of a Yogi, I surely recommend it if it speaks to your heart! If you’d like to be notified about any upcoming Meditation offerings with me, please let me know here, it won’t be long now:

Some Gifts for you with Love & Peaceful Blessings:

Recent Blog: A Mantra I chant almost daily, The Gyatri Mantra with it’s explanation, translation, a video recording by Deva Premal and some other brief information about mantras.

Recent Blog: How Meditation Upgrades the Brain with an excellent lecture by Dr. Peter Houten attached

An Audio Recording For You: A guided 2 ½ minute meditation for peacefulness and blessing by yours truly inspired by one of the Sisters of My Soul.

Finally, a worldly PSA: Watch the Social Dilemma if you haven’t.

Blessed Autumn to you all. May your days be filled with color, fresh air, hot tea, and good company, even if it’s virtual!

Much Love.



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